Suzana Szörenyi International Duo Competition 2017 Bucharest


Majura Christ Association organizes between October 21st and October 30th 2017 the second edition of the Suzana Szörenyi International Duo Competition.

The competition wishes to stimulate the young generations of musicians, to awaken their interest for ensemble music, as well as to attract the music loving public towards an authentic understanding of chamber music genre.

Likewise, this project wishes to render homage to the remarkable Suzana Szörenyi, prominent personality of the Romanian pianistic and pedagogical world.

The founder of this competition, the Majura Christ Association, is a non-profit organization focusing mainly on cultural, artistic and humanitarian activities, being active in the same time in other domains such as organizing events and implementing projects dedicated to pre-university and university musical education.

The Suzana Szörenyi International Duo Competition is structured on four sections: Dramatic and lyric chamber Duo (voice – piano), Piano Duo – four hands, Piano Duo – two pianos and Hobby Duo (amateurs and mixed). The competitors will be evaluated by juries composed of Romanian and international musical personalities – pianists and accompanists, composers, soloists of the lyrical scene, professors. The total value of the prizes will rise to approx. 30.000 Euros (taxes included).AAF-logo-2016-member

Starting with the second edition, the Suzana Szörenyi International Duo Competition is member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation.

After the success of the 1st edition of the Suzana Szörenyi International Duo Competition, we felt we should walk a broader path and embrace a new challenge: The Majura Magic Musical Moments International Chamber Music Festival.

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International Music Council: Music World News 02/2017


Issue 02/2017 – 31 January 2017
Music World News

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Issue 02/2017 – 31 January 2017
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Concurs de compoziţie în Italia

copertina-concorso-impaginazioneComposition Competition “Walter Ferrato” – Savona (Italy) – First Edition 2017 

The composition competition is an international event dedicated to Walter Ferrato, a famous pianist and teacher from Savona. The competition will be a key element of Savona International Music Festival Primavera Sacra and it will contribute to enrich an artistic proposal which has reached in 2017 its fifth edition. The principal objective of the competition is to give support to the composition of new musical pieces and to promote the creativity in the musical field. Our hope is to bring the best emerging talent of composition from all over the world to Savona.

The participation will be open to competitors from all the world countries, without limits of age, aesthetical trends and compositional styles. Our aim is to stimulate a dynamical relationship between an active audience and authors sensitive to creative innovation. The winners will receive their awards in a special ceremony during the Festival and their compositions will be played as a concert, part of the Festival itself. Three members of Ensemble Nuove Musiche will play the winning compositions, together with pieces of music which might receive a special mention, and with other pieces of contemporary music, carefully selected by the jury.A further aim of the competition is to act as a significant occasion of cross interaction, overcoming generational and geographical divides. Different generations of composers will have the opportunity to meet and compare their various perspectives. The same will happen between musical schools of different origins, born from different cultures but sharing the universal language of sound.

The Musical Edition Da Vinci Publisher (, with office in Osaka in Japan, will publish the winner musical piece. This support is further confirmation of the international profile of the competition.

The jury panel of the 2017 edition of the competition will be composed by the following members:

STEFANO GERVASONI (Composer, President of the Jury Panel)

DAGFINN KOCH (Composer – Norway)


MARCO LOMBARDI (Composer – ENM member)


The candidates for the participation in the competition must pay a fee, under title of a donation, as a reimbursement of expenses (not refoundable) of Euros 15 by bank transfer. Payment to be made to Associazione musicale Ensemble Nuove Musiche, specifying Competition Walter Ferrato 2017 on the causal.

The IBAN number is: IT78T0760110600001033709542. BIC/SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX, headed to: Associazione Musicale Ensemble Nuove Musiche, Corso Italia 10 – 9, 17100 Savona.

It is possible to pay via Paypal clicking on

For all peole that will prefer this way of payment we ask kindly a plus contrbution of €. 1,00 to cover the service exchange.

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