Articol pentru revista Music Horizons – Sofia

Velislav Zaimov, Mihaela Vosganian, Sorin Lerescu

(for “Music Horizons” magazine, Sofia, Bulgaria)

A new edition (3rd edition) of the International Workshop for Students of Composition – organized annually by the Department of Composition of the National Academy of Music “Prof. Pantcho Vladigerov” in Sofia – took place this year between April 11-13. I was glad to meet my Bulgarian colleagues and friends in Sofia: composer and professor Krassimir Taskov, head of the Composition Department of the National Academy of Music “Prof. Pantcho Vladigerov”, composer and professor Velislav Zaimov, former President of the Union of Bulgarian Composers and the Bulgarian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM), composer and pianist Atanas Atanassov, pianist Galina Apostolova and other Bulgarian composers, teachers and performers from neighboring Bulgaria.

Structured in four events: three concerts and a round table, the music meeting in Sofia had as protagonists both students from the Faculty of Interpretation of the Academy of Music and well-known Bulgarian performers.

Dedicated, in fact, to the students from the composition, the international workshop in Sofia included in its concert programs chamber works from: Italy, Romania, Brazil and the host country, Bulgaria.

I noticed in the concert on Thursday, April 11th, with the works of the composition professors at the Sofia Academy of Music, the value of each piece.
I listened to pieces composed by: Andrey Diamandiev – Sonata per Violino e Pianoforte (first audition), Krassimir Taskov – Balatta per Viola/Violino e Pianoforte, Atanas Atanassov – “De profundis” per Organo, at the organ: the composer (first performance), Velislav Zaimov – Quartetto per Violino, Viola, Violoncello ed Organo (first performance) and Quartetto per Violino, Viola, Violoncello ed Organo by Vassil Kazandhiev, also in the first performance.

I appreciated the performers in this concert: Alexander Al. Ilchev (violin), Alexander Lialios (piano), Elena Ganova (viola/violin), Galina Apostolova (piano), Atanas Atanassov (organ), Milena Valeva (violin), Vladislav Andonov (viola), Magdalena Dalcheva (violoncello), Stefan Dalchev (organ).

The following day (Friday, April 12), there was a Round Table on the topic: “Teaching composition in the 21st century” – the same topic as in previous editions – in which we listened to the works of composition professors invited to Sofia: Sonia Bo from Conservatory of Music “Giuseppe Verdi”, Milan, Giuseppe Colardo from the same Conservatory in Milan, Mario Gagliani from the Conservatory of Music “Francesco Morlacchi” in Perugia, Mihaela Vosganian from the National University of Music Bucharest and Sorin Lerescu from the Spiru Haret University in Bucharest. At this Round Table also participated our hosts: composers Krassimir Taskov and Velislav Zaimov, musicologists, students, master students interested in aesthetic orientations and stylistic directions in the field of contemporary musical phenomenon.

We discussed, in this context, the aesthetic evolutions in contemporary music, ways of sound construction, models of interpretation of musical discourse. Such meetings between composers, musicologists, and those interested in what is happening today in music are beneficial, I believe. Through such meetings – as in Sofia – there is an intense dialogue between musicians from different countries, also effecting the way in which compositional and interpretative evolutions in the area of contemporary artistic expression are understood.

The concert on Friday evening was devoted to the presentation of the works composed by the students-composers from major musical university centres: Milan, Perugia, Bucharest, Sofia and Curitiba (capital of Parana State, Brazil).

In the program: Lorenzo Polipo (Italy) – Sator for flute, clarinet/clarinet bass, piano, cello, violin, Theodoros Popa (Romania) – Cvintima for bassoon and marimba, Simone Cernuschi (Italy) – Trio for two violins and cello, Fabrizio Volpi (Italy) – Dusk for clarinet, violin and cello, Fernando Berwig (Brazil) – Pater Noster for String Quartet, Bogdan Tudorancea (Romania) – String Quartet No. 1 (first performance) and Pietro Brenna (Italy) – Quintetto for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn.

Performers, students at the National Academy of Music in Sofia, presented to the audience, in the elegant concert hall, with organ, of the Academy, chamber works, some at the first performance: Damian Apostolov (flute), Pavel Vaklinoff (clarinet/clarinet bass) Svetlin Hristov (piano), Boris Kossovski (violin), Vassil Varbanov (violoncello), Syana Keremedchieva (oboe), Kiril Lalov (bassoon), Dorotea Dimitrova (marimba), Teodor Dobrev (violin), Neda Kovacheva (violin), Radoslab Nenchev (violoncello), Ioana Latrovaliev (violin), Stilian Dermendzhiev (violin), Ioana Tsaneva (viola), Momchil Pandev (violoncello), Filip Filipov (violin), Kiril Minchev (violin), Iliana Ilieva (viola), Teodor Dimitrov (horn).

The last concert at the International Workshop of Composition in Sofia took place on Saturday, April 13th, at the Academy of Music, and included pieces composed by young Bulgarian composers, students, master students or PhD students: Svetlin Hristov – Sonata for piano, Mihaela Koteva – Sonatina for vibraphone and piano, Teofil Stoev – Allegro for trombone and piano, Peter Dimov – Voice Triptic on lyrics by Damian Damianov, Elissaveta Bagriana, Blaga Dimitrova, Lin Tin (Chinese student at Sofia Academy of Music) – “Quingdao Impression” for soprano saxophone, piano, violin and cello and Pavel Vaklinoff – “… regards impossibles…” for string quintet.

Words of appreciation and for Saturday performers: Margarita Ilieva (piano), Zdravka Atanasova (vibraphone), Svetlin Hristov (piano), Nadezhda McCune (soprano), David McCune (bass), Peter Dimov (piano), Syu Nin (soprano saxophone), Yan Si (piano), Boris Kossovski (violin), Vu Yuemey (violoncello), Bozhidar Rahnev (violin), Stilian Dermendzhiev (violin), Krista Petkova (viola), Radoslav Nenchev (violoncello), Atanas Petkov (double bass).

It was a real pleasure for me and, I am convinced for the other guests, to enjoy the extremely pleasant atmosphere and the hospitality of our Bulgarian colleagues.
I also appreciate how the professors of composition and students in the prestigious National Music Academy in Sofia understand to promote both their national values as well as other musical cultures.

Sorin Lerescu
Prof. at Spiru Haret University
Bucharest, Romania
Bucharest, April 26, 2019